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Alexa danger for people who work from home!

Alexa, one of the leading companies of internet and commerce Amazon‘Fame Echo It is a virtual assistant named after the market. Similar to Apple’s Siri AlexaUnlike Siri, it is in the form of a box. It has many features that make life easier for users who answer the questions of users, play music and even order. However, the device is on the agenda again with a privacy problem that has been exposed recently. It makes users think whether the device carries a security risk for home workers.

Working from Home (Home Office)

Alexa may be listening to employees’ information from home

Last year, John Borthwick, technology investor, AlexaHe suggested that din was listening to the users’ speech. This claim last April Amazon was approved by. They stated that they did this to improve the device, to better apply speech patterns that vary according to foreign languages ​​and regions.

Recently, with the increase of the corona epidemic, it is known that many people around the world have switched from home to work system. This again brings up the fact that the device is listening to conversations. It seems that this situation creates question marks for employees who share important information and details while working from home.

Amazon Echo (Alexa) Virtual Assistant

Especially famous law firms seem to have concerns about whether their private conversations with their clients are being listened to. British law firm, Mishcon de Reya LLP, working in the divorce process of Princess Diana, became one of the companies that expressed their reservations on this matter. « Maybe we’re a bit paranoid, but this problem is still very risky, » said Joe Hancock, a partner of the firm. He used the phrase in the form.

Although virtual assistants are being used a lot, it is useful to consider the risk of their speech being listened to, especially for those who work from home.

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